Alice is a NYC based actor & playwright. She is a tiny house enthusiast who loves kittens, reading & maybe, could have been an engineer if she were better at math. Despite mathematical short comings she went to college. Where she got her BFA in theater performance & did some shows. 


New York City has taught her more about life & theater than college did. Like how to navigate the subways & Nuts4Nuts smell better than they taste. She writes plays and acts in them, often with her amazingly talented friends, who are creative geniuses! 


Alice moonlights as a governess, a la Mary Poppins, for two amazing nugget girls, who need to stop growing! She also has two cats, a husband & has lived in Hamilton Heights well before the musical made it cool. She won't eat animals, & is passionate about climate justice. Even though she forgets her reusables from time to time.