What's new baby doll?


Recently I have been focusing on movement & dance. Working with the amazing team of dancers at Motivated Movers NYC. I couldn't be happier I took this leap to work on becoming a better mover & dancer overall. I look forward to making & achieving goals with them as a

Motivated Movers NYC Community Ambassador.  

Check them out!


I have also been developing & creating new shorts & working on writing.  They are very early in development but are something that I am excited to share with you.  


I have been involved with several School of Visual Arts short films. As well as working with the

Musical Theater Factory.  Been featured in there 4x15 performance series in Miles & Me.  

As well as Musical Theater Factorys staged reading of That Time We Found A Sasquatch in the Woods

as Darlene the fast talking dinner waitress obsessed with bacon.


On a personal note, I have recently started volunteering at the ASPCA. Giving cats & dogs loving attention to them while they wait for a loving home in so rewarding.  I love seeing them go to loving homes, being treasured by their new families makes my heart swell.